‘Insane waste’: Half a tonne of ‘unwanted cheese’ looking for a new home in Switzerland

‘Insane waste’: Half a tonne of ‘unwanted cheese’ looking for a new home in Switzerland
Maybe this man can save the rejected raclette. Photo by Photo by Fabrice COFFRINI / AFP
Half a tonne of this Swiss cheese, renowned for its tangy taste and creamy texture when melted, may end up in the trash — unless you save it.

Because of inadequate packaging, a retailer returned the raclette to the manufacturer, who ended up with half a tonne of cheese he couldn’t sell.

There was nothing wrong with the cheese itself, so instead of throwing it out, the cheesemaker contacted Frischer Fritz, an organisation which fights against food waste, and asked them to take the 130 wheels of raclette off his hands.

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“This is such an insane waste”, said  Sandra Kissling, the organisation’s founder.

Frischer Fritz took to social media to find buyers for the cheese, which has pieces of vegetables added to it.

But Kissling said takers are not exactly queueing up in front of the organisation’s shop in Thun, canton Bern, or on its online platform.

The packaging may not be attractive but the cheese is excellent. Frischer Fritz / Facebook

To make it easier to sell, the cheese was cut into 800-gramme portions, although larger chunks are also available — whole wheels weighing 6kg sell for 65 francs.

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