Today in Switzerland: A round-up of the latest news on Friday

Today in Switzerland: A round-up of the latest news on Friday
Pandemic-driven snacking is on the rise. Photo by from Pexels
Find out what's going on today in Switzerland with The Local's short roundup of the news.

Zurich asks government to restore “freedom of travel”

During a visit of the Swiss president Guy Parmelin to Zurich airport, cantonal officials asked the Federal Council to lift travel restrictions from countries where the risk of infection is similar to Switzerland’s.

They also suggested to Parmelin that people who have been vaccinated, have developed immunity after recovering from Covid, or test negative, should be allowed to forego quarantine upon arrival in Switzerland.

“Records of vaccination, recovery and/or negative test results should be digitalised, be internationally standardised and recognised”, airport officials, along with representatives of travel and aviation industry, stated in a press release.

In March, Zurich airport, Switzerland’s largest, recorded a 74.4-percent drop in passenger numbers compared to last year, and a 90.6-decrease compared to 2019.

Authorities have not hinted at when normal travel to and from Switzerland might resume.

A new job opportunity for computer hackers

In order to make its online services more secure, Swiss Post wants to employ hackers to breach the company’s security system. Among services whose online security will be tested are customer login, the Postshop, the Post-App, and WebStamp. 

The amount paid for each reported security breach is between 50 and 10,000 francs.

Hackers already identified 500 “weak points” on the Post’s website, collectively earning 250,000 francs, according to Marcel Zumbühl, the company’s IT manager.

Hackers interested in participating can register on the company’s Bug Bounty platform.

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Self-tests should be disposed of safely

A waste management company in canton Zug sounded an alarm concerning coronavirus home tests: once used, these kits are being thrown out in trash bins, potentially exposing garbage collectors to risk of infections.

In order to prevent any contamination, self-tests should be placed in a tear-proof bag before being put in the public bin. “To make sure that no one is at risk of getting infected, you have to use the double bag system”, disposing of kits in the same way as hazardous waste, the company, Zeba, said in a press release.

The same disposal system applies to used face masks.

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Snacking habits in Switzerland are shaped by the pandemic

Covid-19 seems to have split Switzerland’s population into two distinct groups. One took advantage of the confinement to keep fit and exercise, while the other opted to sit on a sofa and snack in front of TV.

The second group appears to have prevailed, as snack distributors report a sharp increase in sales during the pandemic.

Migros, Coop and Aldi supermarket chains all registered higher demand for savoury snacks, continually adapting its stocks of potato chips and pretzels to meet the growing consumer demand.

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