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Zurich Airport named best in Europe: Have your say

Zurich Airport has been named the best in Europe for the 18th year running. But is it really the best - and what could the airport do to improve?

A Swiss airlines plane at Zurich airport.
Zurich Airport is the best in Europe and has been for 18 years. A Swiss airlines plane at Zurich airport. Photo: MICHAEL BUHOLZER / AFP

On Sunday, Zurich Airport was named the best in Europe for the 18th year in a row. 

Not since 2004 has another airport taken the World Travel Award for best airport in Europe. 

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Zurich Airport won the award for customer satisfaction and quality of services and products. 

“In these difficult times, in particular, the award is a great honour for us. It is recognition for the excellent cooperation between all our airport partners and the huge commitment of everyone working at Zurich Airport,” said airport CEO Stephan Widrig. 

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Zurich Airport is just 11 minutes from the city centre and has already achieved a 50 percent reduction in carbon emissions, matching Switzerland’s 2030 climate goals. 

The airport’s health and safety measures during the Covid pandemic were also highlighted. 

Have your say

Whether you fly regularly via Zurich for work or occasionally for a holiday, do you agree? 

And whether you agree or not, do you think they could do something to improve? 

Please let us know.



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What will Switzerland do about the ‘millions’ of expiring Covid certificates?

In the coming months, millions of Covid certificates are set to expire in Switzerland. What will the government do about it?

What will Switzerland do about the ‘millions’ of expiring Covid certificates?

As certificates are valid for nine months after the second vaccine dose or a booster, “millions of Swiss Covid certificates will expire by autumn at the latest”, according to Swiss news outlet 20 Minutes.

As many Swiss received their most recent shot in late 2021, the nine-month period will soon be coming to an end. 

Although this is not a problem domestically as proof of vaccination is no longer required in Switzerland, it may pose issues for travel. 

Since many countries still require a vaccination certificate for entry, and as the second round of boosters is not yet available in Switzerland,  this means that a large number of people may not be able to travel abroad.

And while other countries have already started to administer second booster shots, Swiss health authorities are dragging their feet, not having even issued a recommendation for the fourth dose yet.

This worries some MPs, who are calling on the government to make second boosters available soonest possible.

“The past has shown that cantons are not always sufficiently prepared. Something like this mustn’t happen again”, said MP Fabian Molina, adding that anyone travelling abroad should be able to be re-vaccinated if they wish. 

Another deputy, Yvonne Feri, noted that the federal government and the cantons have to prepare to vaccinate again within a short period of time.

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