Have your say: Should Switzerland’s next lockdown be only for the unvaccinated?

A sign on a door says in German 'rest day today'
Will Switzerland lockdown businesses like bars and restaurants again for the first time since last winter? Photo: Fabrice COFFRINI / AFP
What is the fairest and most effective way for Switzerland to get out of the pandemic?

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On Friday, Switzerland will announce new Covid measures. On the table are two different pathways out of the pandemic. 

One largely restricts bars and restaurants to those vaccinated and recovered from the virus, while the other path locks down most indoor venues for several weeks. 

The federal government is now consulting with the cantons on the proposal, with a decision to be made on Friday, December 17th. 

While as yet no indications have been given as to which path will be taken, some cantons have told Swiss tabloid Blick that they consider it unfair to lockdown those who have been vaccinated against Covid.

2G or nationwide closures: Switzerland presents new Covid measures plan

Austria managed to bring its spiralling Covid situation under concern with a nationwide lockdown including a stay-at-home order, before relaxing the rules for vaccinated people only. 

Other countries such as Germany have strengthened 2G rules, largely restricting the unvaccinated from many areas of life. 

Let us know which approach you think Switzerland should choose. Should the same rules apply to everyone? Or should those who choose to remain unvaccinated be shut out of many areas of public life? 

Member comments

  1. We have not seen the discussion of keeping mandatory testing for certain public spaces open. The article quotes the success of Austria and the path of Germany; however, there is no mention of France which has been as ‘successful’ as both, but still follows a ‘3G’ pathway to public life. I’m not sure that causation can be established in any of these cases. The varying results of many states in the United States and countries in the EU which have taken completely opposite paths show that all options we have made to ‘control’ the virus simply aren’t working. We need to think outside of the box (maybe free testing and mandating a test for public spaces / life to ensure you’re not carrying?) would be a strategy that could work if we are truly trying to limit the spread.

  2. Most of the measurements are named “the only solution” before applying, while in fact one can see many types of solutions around the world. Unfortunately, the people get offers of from solutions not particularly distinguished.

  3. I am missing the alternative “don’t do anything”. Several countries have managed to do fine without any of the alternatives.

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