Which sectors in Switzerland have the most job vacancies - and what do they pay?

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With a new year underway, some people will be considering a new job in Switzerland. Here's a look at the professions where the most open positions are at the moment, along with the average salaries.

If you're looking for a new role in Switzerland, it's a good time for it - there are currently more than a quarter of a million job vacancies in the labour market, according to figures from the career service provider x28. 

During the career company's analysis on December 15th 2022, experts recorded 253,806 vacancies. And about 70,000 of these jobs - more than a quarter of all vacancies - come from the 25 professions that are most in need of new employees.

It's clear that Switzerland's job vacancy gap is growing. In 2020, there were 174,124 vacancies on December 15th, and 235,185 in 2021, meaning the number of unfulfilled roles has increased by about 45.7 percent in two years. This likely has a lot to do with the Covid pandemic which shook up the jobs market as well as other factors, such as an ageing population. Between 2021 and 2022, the number of vacancies increased by about 7.9 percent.

With 50,980 unfulfilled roles, handy work/trades is the the overall sector with the most vacancies in Switzerland, followed by IT (27,057 vacancies), construction workers (24,094) and managers (23,648). The occupational groups of authors (10 unfulfilled roles), direct marketing (11) and patents (16) have the fewest vacancies.

Here's a compiled list of the 25 specific occupations in Switzerland with the most vacancies in December 2022:

25 - Systems engineer

These engineers design and configure engineering IT systems and manage projects. Important tasks include the development of interfaces and the initiation of measures to remedy faults.

Open positions on 15.12.2022: 1,655

Average salary according to jobs.ch: 92,985 Swiss francs (all average salaries are gross and include 13th month's salary and bonus)

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24 - Heating installer

They install heating systems and check and repair the systems. Renewable energies are a big topic. The apprenticeship with a federal certificate of proficiency lasts four years.

Vacancies on 15.12.2022: 1,734

Average salary: 66,150 Swiss francs 

23 - Metal worker
They manufacture and assemble metal parts, such as facades, scaffolding, windows, doors, railings and stairs. The apprenticeship with a federal certificate of proficiency lasts four years.

Vacancies on 15.12.2022: 1,849

Average salary: 65,787 Swiss francs

22 - Team leader

They lead a group of employees and create the link between the team and the department management. Important tasks include resource planning and coordinating processes.

Vacancies on 15.12.2022: 2,000

Average salary: 90,000 Swiss francs

21 - Construction project manager

They manage construction and renovation projects, negotiate with architects, subcontractors and authorities, make offers and assess risks.

Vacancies on 15.12.2022: 2,045

Average salary: 90,452 Swiss francs 

A construction worker.

A construction worker. Photo by Jeriden Villegas on Unsplash

20 - Service industry workers

They take care of customers in hotels and restaurants. In 2020, this job fell out of the top 25 occupations with the most vacancies because of the Covid pandemic, now workers are massively in demand again.

Vacancies on 15.12.2022: 2,112

Average salary: 51,161 Swiss francs

19 - Machine operators

They handle machines that are mostly used in production processes. Training is often not necessary for this, instead people learn a lot on the job.

Vacancies on 15.12.2022: 2,131

Average salary: 65,828 Swiss francs

18 - Mechanic

They build machines and often work in industry or construction. Mechanics also monitor how well the equipment is working. One important task is to maintain the equipment.

Open positions on 15.12.2022: 2,186

Average salary: 70,122 Swiss francs

17 - Gardener and horticulturist

They maintain gardens and green spaces, build ponds and know their way around trees, shrubs and flowers. According to Berufsberatung.ch, training with a federal certificate of proficiency takes three years.

Vacancies on 15.12.2022: 2,234

Average salary: 59,800 Swiss francs 

Gardening gloves.

Gardening gloves. Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

16 - Automatic control specialist

They assemble, programme and maintain systems and help with their planning and development. The work often takes place in the machine, electrical and metal industries or in chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

Vacancies on 15.12.2022: 2,267

Average salary: 65,162 Swiss francs 

15 - Cook/chef

They work in the kitchen of catering businesses and prepare dishes. The apprenticeship with a federal certificate of proficiency lasts three years.

Vacancies on 15.12.2022: 2,398

Average salary: 56,149 Swiss francs 

14 - Service technician

They are responsible for the maintenance and servicing of systems, plants and machines, monitor their operation and rectify faults. 

Vacancies on 15.12.2022: 2,432

Average salary: 77,833 Swiss francs 

13 - Carpenter

They create works from wood, and can be involved in other constructions. The apprenticeship with a federal certificate of proficiency takes four years.

Open positions on 15.12.2022: 2,437

Average salary: 65,000 Swiss francs

12 - Commercial workers

They carry out administrative work in companies. Important tasks may include liasing with customers, bookkeeping, managing orders, business correspondence and secretarial jobs.

Open positions on 15.12.2022: 2,460

Average salary: 64,999 Swiss francs 

11 Plumber/pipe fitter

They install water, natural gas and sewage systems and maintain and repair bathroom equipment. According to Berufsberatung.ch, the training takes four years and leads to a federal certificate of proficiency.

Vacancies on 15.12.2022: 2,615

Average salary: 65,000 Swiss francs 

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10 - Logistics worker

They receive goods, check them and prepare them for delivery. Depending on their specialisation, they plan, organise and carry out tasks in the areas of distribution, warehousing or transport.

Vacancies on 15.12.2022: 2,651

Average salary: 60,815 Swiss francs 

9 - Health care assistant and health care specialist

They care for people in everyday life or in case of illness and work in the health and social services sector, for example in hospitals and care homes. Training takes three to four years and leads to a federal certificate of proficiency.

Vacancies on 15.12.2022: 2,844

Average salary: 61,065 Swiss francs 

8 - Polymechanics

They manufacture tools, equipment parts and production devices, program machines and commission and maintain systems. The apprenticeship with a federal certificate of proficiency takes four years.

Vacancies on 15.12.2022: 2,936

Average salary: 65,000 Swiss francs 

7 - Retail trade specialist

They work in sales, serve customers and are responsible for presentation, purchasing, stocking and managing goods. The apprenticeship with a federal certificate of proficiency lasts three years.

Vacancies on 15.12.2022: 3,137

Average salary: 52,072 Swiss francs

6 - Project manager

They create projects and sometimes also lead a team of employees. Important tasks include planning the work steps, costs and deadlines as well as the deployment of personnel and materials.

Vacancies on 15.12.2022: 3,174

Average salary: 97,508 Swiss francs

5 - Software developer

They design and modify software and extensions, develop programmes, scripts and apps, create test environments and write and document code and various interfaces.

Vacancies on 15.12.2022: 3,254

Average salary: 97,316 Swiss francs

Colleagues working together.

Colleagues working together. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

4 - Joiner

They work with wood, plastics and metals, make furniture and carry out interior finishing work, make and assemble building elements, repair vehicles and equipment and also build skis.

Open positions on 15.12.2022: 3,496

Average salary: 66,091 Swiss francs

3 - Sales consultant

They are the first contact person and contact with customers often runs completely through them. Important tasks include giving advice, implementing sales promotion measures and ordering.

Open positions on 15.12.2022: 3,498

Average salary: 64,999 Swiss francs 

2 - Electrician

They maintain electrical installations such as telephone connections, networks, lightning conductors and alarm systems.

Vacancies on 15.12.2022: 5,824

Average salary: 65,531 Swiss francs 

1 - Nursing/care specialist

They care for people and assist them when they are ill. Certified nursing specialists often lead teams and participate in quality assurance or research projects.

Open positions on 15.12.2022: 6,976

Average salary: 79,211 Swiss francs



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