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One in three work-related accidents involves a foreigner

Published on: 01 Jul 2011 10:56 CET

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Accidents on the job rose 3.2 percent to 267,000 cases in 2010 compared to a year earlier, according to SUVA the Swiss accident insurer.

German citizens were involved in the majority of accidents, both work-related and not, accounting for a total of 36,000 cases.

It was the first time Germans led the index, positioning themselves ahead of Italians. Non-professional accidents went down 0.3 percent to 497,000, SUVA said.

After the Germans and the Italians, it was Portuguese citizens involved in most accidents, 60 percent of which happen at work. The Swiss account for 70 percent of non-professional accidents instead, the statement said, as foreigners in general tend to be involved in riskier work than locals.