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US and Switzerland close to tax evasion deal


US authorities are reportedly about to close a deal with Swiss banks over American tax dodgers – in exchange for billions of dollars in penalties, the US will stop investigations into the banks.


Footballers fear losing luxury cars

Sixty top-of-the-range cars were impounded from a luxury car dealership earlier this week after the company went bankrupt. Now the dealership's customers, including several top footballers, fear their cars could be confiscated too.


MEP 'bloodied' sneaking into Bilderberg hotel

MEP 'bloodied' sneaking into Bilderberg hotel

Italian MEP Mario Borghezio was reportedly given a bloody nose on Thursday as he attempted to sneak into the secretive Bilderberg conference in St. Moritz.


'No bank exodus' after attacks on secrecy

The Association of Foreign Banks in Switzerland said Wednesday that there has not been an exodus of banks, despite attacks on the country's banking secrecy rules.