81-year-old Swiss arrested for child sex

An 81-year-old Swiss former magnet therapist has been arrested in Cambodia for the third time for sexually abusing children.

The man, known only as Hugo L, comes from Spreitenbach in canton Aargau. He has been arrested three times over the past year and a half for having sex with children, online news website Blick reported.

The octogenarian was first arrested in September 2010 in Pattaya, Thailand, when he was charged with having oral sex with 12-year-olds. Just a few months later, he was arrested on Christmas Eve in Cambodia, for having abused four boys aged between 11 and 13.

Hugo L then served six months of a ten-month sentence in a Cambodian jail. He was banned from ever setting foot in Cambodia again.

But this did not stop him. He instead went to Thailand and crossed the border into Cambodia from there, where he went on to commit his latest offence.

A former magnet and spiritual therapist, Hugo L claimed that he was able to cure mental disorders, addiction and sexual dysfunction.

The court date is still to be fixed, as Hugo claims that he cannot understand the proceedings if they are in English.

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‘Jeckyl and Hyde’ paedophile gets eight years in prison

The 80-year-old husband of a child minder was handed the sentence by a Geneva court after being found guilty of sexually abusing two boys.

'Jeckyl and Hyde' paedophile gets eight years in prison
File photo: John Morgan/Flickr

Passing down the harsh sentence, judges said the man’s behaviour had been “despicable” and that the accused had inflicted “dreadful acts” upon the two boys.

During the trial, the court heard the man had abused one of the boys for two years, while a second child suffered abuse for a decade.

The accused was described as “an ogre who feasts on young flesh” by the boys’ lawyers and as a “Jekyll and Hyde” character by the mother of the boy abused for ten years.

The victim of a decade of abuse “would vomit on leaving the man’s house” and took to smoking cannabis “to escape reality”. He later made a suicide attempt.

The accused was jailed immediately after the court hearing with judges fearing he would reoffend.

During the trial he described himself as a “Father Christmas” style character who had been “too good” to the boys. He also said they had made up stories about him – accusations discounted by the court.

“I have never been a paedophile. I’ve done a lot for children,” the man was quoted as saying in Swiss daily Le Matin.

As part of the sentence handed down, the man’s victims will receive sums of 30,000 Swiss francs and 50,000 Swiss francs.