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With independent, daily reporting from around Europe, The Local is a window on life in other cultures.

Daily news is the glue of society, defining the issues we care about as a community. We capture the essence of nations by finding the stories that tell us who we are and who those other people over there are, breaking down barriers and bringing us closer together. Our entertaining blend of daily news, business and features has made The Local the largest English-language news network in Europe with five million readers every month.

Stockholm headquarters
Paul Rapacioli
CEO / Founder - @paulrapacioli

Originally from London, Paul moved to Sweden in 2003. He started The Local with James Savage in 2004.

James Savage
Strategy Director - @SavLocal

James formerly headed up our European editorial team and is now our strategy director. Originally from Lincolnshire, England, he moved to Sweden in 2003 where he met Paul Rapacioli and they started The Local. He has also lived in London and Paris.

Tara Sonnorp

Originally from Brighton UK, Tara worked for many years as a management consultant in London. She has lived and worked in France, Germany, and Norway before moving to Stockholm in 2005.

James Pearn

James moved from the UK to Germany in 1998. He founded Toytown Germany in 2002 before joining with The Local in 2009.

Paul O'Mahony
Managing Editor - @OMahonyPaul

Paul O'Mahony came to Sweden in 1999 and has been at The Local since 2006. Originally from Kilkenny, Ireland, Paul has also lived in Germany and France.

Catherine Edwards
Assistant Editor

Catherine moved to Stockholm to join The Local in October 2015. Originally from Cheshire, England, she studied in Oxford and has also worked in Bologna, Rome and Berlin. She works on reporting and editing across all The Local's sites.

Oliver Goffe
Digital Services Manager

Oliver is a Brit who has been living in Sweden since 2013. With a background in digital marketing and e-commerce, he is responsible for our various digital services.

Zenia Saldanha
Ad delivery manager

Zenia, who grew up in Mumbai and Goa, came to Sweden in 2007 and has managed advertising delivery across all our sites since 2012.

David Landes
Head of The Local Client Studio - @DaveLandes

Originally from St. Paul in Minnesota, Sweden Country Editor David Landes first moved to Stockholm in 1999. He has also spent one year studying in Bologna, Italy and five years living in Washington, DC. He has worked for The Local since 2008.

Sophie Miskiw
Commercial Journalist - @TheSophiesticat

Originally from London, Sophie moved to Sweden in 2016 in search of new adventures. With a mixed background in copywriting and journalism, she has worked with several global brands and written articles for The Spectator and The Daily Mail. Sophie is responsible for producing sponsored content across The Local's networks.

Sharon Green
International Sales Director

Sharon joined The Local as International Sales Director in October 2017.

Anna Agebjörn-McFarlane
Senior Key Account Manager - UK / Sweden

Anna Agebjörn originally harks from the county of Småland in Sweden, but after a 12-year stint in Glasgow and London she claims to feel more British than Swedish. She is now back on Swedish soil and works with advertisers in Sweden and the UK.

Nils Rosvall
Key Account Manager

Nils lived and worked in London for 7 years and Paris for 3 years prior to that, before returning home to Stockholm in November 2015 to join The Local. He has previously worked in foreign exchange before switching over to media working with in-flight magazines.

Shaena Harrison
Key Account Manager

Shaena is originally from Winnipeg, Canada having lived abroad in Ireland and Scotland before settling to Sweden in 2011. She has been working in marketing and events technology before joining The Local as part of the sales team. She is a networking dynamo with a flair for business matchmaking. Feel free to add her on LinkedIn and say hello!

Berlin office - thelocal.de
Jörg Luyken

Born in Scotland to a German father and British mother, Jörg has worked as a journalist in Israel and Egypt, where he wrote for the Jerusalem Post, Ha'aretz and Die Zeit. Jörg moved to Germany in 2013 and started working for The Local in March 2014. He is covering all aspects of German politics and society.

Shelley Pascual
Reporter - @shelleypascual

Shelley is a Toronto native who's lived in Germany for over four years. After obtaining a journalism MA in Wales, she freelanced for several international media outlets before joining The Local in summer 2017. With a diverse background, she's also been an English teacher and a graphic designer.

Liz Dennys
Senior Key Account Manager - Germany and Switzerland

Liz worked in media sales in London and Bath for many years. She has also lived in South Africa, Hong Kong, and Australia. Now settled in Berlin, Liz is Key Account Manager with The Local.

Denmark office - thelocal.dk and thelocal.no
Michael Barrett
Editor - @MLBarrett15

Having spent his formative years in Suffolk, England, Michael Barrett moved to Denmark in 2007, where he studied at Aarhus University. Michael began reporting for The Local in 2015 and has previously worked as a freelance writer in Beirut, Lebanon.

Madrid office - thelocal.es
Fiona Govan
Editor - @fifimadrid

Formerly Madrid correspondent for The Daily Telegraph Fiona has lived in Spain for eight years covering all manner of issues across the Iberian peninsula. Originally from Buckinghamshire, UK, she has reported from across Europe with the occasional assignment taking her to the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.

Paris office - thelocal.fr
Ben McPartland
Editor - @McPBen

Ben McPartland has been leading our editorial team in Paris since we opened our office in January 2013. A native of Durham, northern England, Ben has also lived in London, Madrid and Liverpool. He moved to France in 2011.

Evie Burrows-Taylor
Journalist - @eviebt

Evie has worked as a journalist in London, Hong Kong and Paris. She joined The Local in May 2017 and has previously been published in the Financial Times, South China Morning Post and Huffington Post.

Stockholm office - thelocal.se
Emma Löfgren
Editor - @ekjlofgren

After having spent eight years in Scotland, working for local newspapers in places as diverse as the Outer Hebrides and Aberdeen, Emma is back in her native Sweden. She joined The Local's editorial team in January 2015.

Lee Roden
Journalist - @LeeRoden89

After five years working mainly as a sports journalist in cities like his native Glasgow, as well as London and Barcelona, Lee is now tackling all things Swedish in our Stockholm office.

Switzerland office - thelocal.ch
Caroline Bishop
Editor - @calbish

Caroline moved to Switzerland in 2013 and began writing for The Local in 2014. A British-Canadian, she previously lived in London where she reported on the British and international arts industry.

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