Youth admits to setting Zurich Coop store afire

A school-age youth admitted on the weekend to using a cigarette lighter to start a fire at a Zurich Coop supermarket that caused more than 100,000 francs’ damage, city police said.

Youth admits to setting Zurich Coop store afire
Photo: Coop

The fire broke out in the store in the Friesenberg neighbourhood on Friday shortly before 8pm on the Schweighofstrasse, police said.

No one was hurt in the blaze which was quickly brought under control but took several hours to put out because of a smoldering ceiling.

People in the shop and an adjoining restaurant were evacuated without incident.

Police issued a call for witnesses on Saturday before arrested the male student shortly after 9pm.

The youth confessed to having started the fire with a lighter after initial questioning, police said.

The student was referred to the Zurich cantonal youth advocate’s department.

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Insects proposed for sale in Swiss supermarkets

Insects could be legally for sale in Swiss supermarkets starting next year after the federal food safety and veterinary office (BLV) proposed the commercialization of three species.

Insects proposed for sale in Swiss supermarkets
Photo: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos

The BLV on Monday backed the sale of crickets, grasshoppers and meal worms as part of a planned revision of Switzerland’s law governing foodstuff, the ATS news agency reported.

A consultation period on the proposal runs until October.

The BLV has limited the kind of approved insects to the three best known types, ATS said.

They are already authorized in small-scale pilot trials, such as during museum nights.

Last year the federal government had promised an opening up of insect sales after Green Liberal MP Isabelle Chevalley, from the canton of Vaud, organized a tasting event for fellow parliamentarians with food made from insects.

The menu included burgers made from a base of mealworms, rissoles made with crickets, small chocolate biscuits made from grasshopper and lemon cake made from meal worms.

The feedback was largely positive.

In the European Union, edible insects have not been officially recognized, although stores in some EU countries, such as Holland and Belgium have been selling them.