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Caveman is a successful solo comedy about a man, woman and relationships. It is being performed in English in Zurich on March 22nd and 29th at the ComedyBühne Weisser Wind, Oberdorfstrasse 20 at 8pm. And it's a must see if you haven't.

Caveman holds the record as the longest running solo play in Broadway history and is now a worldwide, rock-solid tour de force that has won the hearts of millions in over 30 countries. And it's sure to win yours. Caveman pokes a large portion of fun at all the ways men and women fight, laugh and love. Don't miss you chance to catch a performance.

Company name: Tischendorf Productions
Interviewee: actor Kevin Buckmaster

How do you explain Caveman’s success?
Unlike any other text relating to male and female relationships, Caveman always seems to create the same genuine hilarity. It's a really universal play that takes us right to the heart of the everlasting clichés of our civilization. It also tackles a timeless theme, which travels beyond the boundaries of culture and language and explains male mystiques and contemporary feminism with great humour.

And how does the author Rob Becker explain Caveman’s success?
He believes the show gives people a way to understand themselves and their partners while they’re laughing and that healing takes place when a couple sits in a darkened theatre, laughing with other couples, realizing they’re not alone.John Gray author of “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” described Caveman as follows: “Absolutely brilliant”! Should be seen by anyone who wants to understand the opposite sex!”.

What is the message behind Caveman? It explores the differences between men and women and how those differences have led us to misunderstand each other. It looks at how we live and love, convincingly sending the message that it’s ultimately our differences that make our relationships stronger.

What makes the script so distinctive?
It's a highly contemporary script that has the advtantage of standing the test of time. It enlightens men about themselves and enlightens women about men. It explores the common themes in relationships that go straight to the funny bone. It’s also really clever and generally just great entertainment !

And what about the actor Kevin Buckmaster?
Our press kit describes me as an Anglo-French actor who was originally given the task of frenchicising Caveman for the French audience in Switzerland in 2006. Under popular demand, he has also embodied Caveman in its original version in English for the first time in Zurich for the English audience here in Switzerland.

"Kevin is a comic, a clown, an improviser who has a discreet and subtle sense of humour yet can also be hilarious. He perfectly embodies the description and character of a Caveman with unpretentious and sensitive features... he is light and subtle with a lively and bouncy wit."

How does the audience usually respond after seing Caveman?
We have had so much positive response on our website since we started the show. Here's a taste of the comments: 

Entertaining, funny, to-the-point, and no-one - whether male or female - will emerge with ego intact. A very enjoyable evening. – Emma

I laughed so much, my head ached afterwards! Very warm welcome, spot on dialogue, excellent delivery, insightful, enlightening, and frighteningly accurate. Go see the show - and enjoy a great evening. – Philippa

Very funny show. Some great points made and I shall now consider my partner to be from a different culture even species!!!! – Jane

You have to see this show! Your life depends on it! – Gerry

This hilariously funny but horribly truthful stand-up comedy could be the saviour of your relationship as the basic male-female differences are brought brilliantly to light. 

Book your tickets now at or or contact us on: [email protected] - 076 329 59 65



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