Fifteen of the best ‘Only in Switzerland’ moments

Whether it’s the stunning views, the extortionate prices or cows roaming the streets, tweeters have united under the #OnlyinSwitzerland hashtag to express what they find weird and wonderful about this country. See what they've had to say here.

Fifteen of the best 'Only in Switzerland' moments
The Local has raided the #OnlyinSwitzerland hashtag to bring you some of the more intriguing insights into Switzerland. Photo: Shutterstock

The Twitter hashtag #OnlyinSwitzerland has proved a popular one in the twittersphere.

The Local has raided the hashtag to bring you some of the more intriguing and funny insights into Switzerland that tweeters have been offering.

Keep it going by tweeting us @TheLocalSwitzerland with things you think can happen #OnlyinSwitzerland.

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These are the most (and least) trusted professions in Switzerland

The butcher, the baker, the candlestick-maker don’t figure among the professions the Swiss people find most trustworthy. But these others do.

These are the most (and least) trusted professions in Switzerland

You may think the Swiss trust their bankers more than anyone else in the world. But if you believe that, you are wrong.

A new survey by, a Swiss consumer website, found that only 20 percent of study participants find bankers trustworthy.

On the other hand, the most trusted professionals in Switzerland (by 74 percent of respondents) are firefighters, followed by nurses (66 percent), doctors (64 percent), and pilots (63 percent).

An interesting pattern is emerging here: the Swiss put most trust in those who have the control of our lives and health.

Other professionals that are trusted by 50-plus percent of respondents are pharmacists, public transport drivers, police officers, farmers, and cooks — again, those who are responsible, in one way or another, for our health and safety.

The flipside: the least trusted are…

Bankers, as mentioned before, along with financial advisors, are fairly low in the trust ranking, the latter being seen as trustworthy by only 18 percent of study participants.

But they don’t fare as badly as other professionals.

For instance, only 14 percent of respondents trust their politicians, and even fewer put their faith in advertising professionals.

Speaking of faith, merely 22 percent trust members of clergy, which is compatible with data showing that an increasing number of people are no longer attending church.

Some other interesting findings…

Only 12 percent of the population trust Swiss football players (after all, they haven’t yet won any championships). More than that, however, 22 percent, trust journalists.

‘We don’t like France, Germany or Italy’: How linguistic diversity unites Swiss football fans

That is not a lot, but at least we fare better than footballers.

You can see the full study here.