Zurich court orders neo-Nazi shooter into therapy

Zurich court orders neo-Nazi shooter into therapy
The 27-year-old was on bail at the time of the shooting. Photos: Zurich police
A neo-Nazi who shot a man after a dispute in a Zurich bar has been sentenced to 12 years in prison and ordered to undergo therapy.

In May 2012 the 27-year-old man shot and seriously injured a man in a bar in the Niederdorf area of Zurich before fleeing the scene, reports Swiss news agency ATS.

He was apprehended two days later in Hamburg, Germany, before being extradited to Switzerland.

At his trial in Zurich the man claimed self-defence, but this was countered by an SMS he sent to an unknown person suggesting a motive of “betrayal.”

The judge threw out the self-defence claim, emphasizing the man’s “abominable acts” and witness testimonies to his aggressive behaviour.

The man was ordered to undergo psychiatric therapy due to the high risk of reoffending.

At the time of the shooting he was on bail after having appealed against a 39-month sentence delivered by a Solothurn court for a catalogue of 40 offences.

In mid-June 2012 the federal court upheld the sentence.

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