Swiss site shows where Americans are welcome

An entrepreneur in the canton of Zurich has launched a platform for US expats to let them know where in Switzerland their business is still welcome — even if certain banks would rather they close their accounts.

Swiss site shows where Americans are welcome

The crackdown by Uncle Sam on Americans with undeclared assets in Switzerland and other banking havens has made life difficult for expats, some of whom have been unable to maintain accounts with their banks.

But a few Swiss banks “welcome American expats in Switzerland with open arms”, says a website begun by businesswoman Anne Liebgott.

Where Americans Are Welcome-Expats lists banks and a range of business-related companies in Switzerland, such as insurance advisers, financial advisers and relocation services, with English-speaking staff keen to deal with US expats.

The website is an expansion of a platform listing Swiss wealth managers registered in the US and providing tax-compliant wealth management services to residents in America.

“I was urged by many Swiss-based businesses to create a platform specifically for American expats in Switzerland,” Liegbott said in a news release.

“In our globally mobile world, there is a real need to show that Switzerland welcomes American clients.”

Born in Canada and raised in the US, Liebgott is a Danish-Swiss national based in Brütten in the canton of Zurich.

Martin Naville, CEO of the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce, issued a statement giving the new platform a plug.

“Where Americans Are Welcome is a great service for all US persons and a strong sign that Switzerland is open for business with American citizens,” he said.

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