Driver jailed for running car into Aargau joggers

Driver jailed for running car into Aargau joggers
File photo: Hernan Pinera
A Swiss court has sentenced a 28-year-old man to five and a half years in jail for attempted murder after he deliberately drove his car into a pair of joggers after an altercation with them.

The incident happened in August 2013 in Hallwil, in the canton of Aargau, and left one of the joggers with serious injuries, reported news agency ATS.

On the day in question the car driver cut across two people jogging on a path near a sports centre, blocking their way.

Disgruntled with the driver, the two joggers hit the car with their fists.

Annoyed, the driver then decided to scare the joggers by turning around and running his car at them at 50 kilometres per hour, said ATS.

The defendant told the Lenzburg district court he only wanted to frighten them and intended to avoid them at the last moment by swerving to one side, since it didn’t look like they would get out of the way.

But the joggers said they jumped out the way in opposite directions at the same time, and the car then hit the jogger who had jumped to the left.

The defence claimed bodily harm by negligence, but the court sided with the public prosecutor, who requested a seven year sentence for attempted murder.

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