Swiss train drivers to get chocolate as reward for being precise

Train drivers on the SBB network will receive chocolate as a “small token” for complying with a new project that aims to ease pressure on station platforms and train carriages.

Swiss train drivers to get chocolate as reward for being precise
Photo: SBB
SBB – Swiss federal railways – is launching a new initiative to ensure the train doors always end up in the same location on the platform when a train pulls into a station, according to 20 Minuten
The idea is that if rail users knew precisely where the carriage doors would be, they would spread themselves out more evenly along the platform instead of bunching up in one place. This would reduce bottlenecks and speed up the process of boarding, helping to increase the punctuality of trains.
Consequently SBB wants to install new reference signs in stations to show drivers exactly when they should brake to allow the doors to align with specific places on the platforms.
The new signs are being tested in stations at Biel, Lenzburg and Pfäffikon, with a view to a nationwide roll-out if successful, said the paper.
Such indicators already exist but the project would double their number, said SBB spokesman Reto Schärli, telling the paper the scheme would promise a better experience for customers. 
And as a reward for complying, drivers will receive chocolate as a gift in return, he added.
Perhaps that is what’s needed – according to the paper a similar project in 2013 failed because drivers objected to it. 

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