New kits aim to save pets in emergency situations

New kits aim to save pets in emergency situations
Pet owners in Switzerland can now rest assured their beloved dog or cat will be looked after should something happen to them, thanks to a new emergency kit.

The set, containing a sticker for the house door and a card to be carried on the person, alerts the emergency services to the presence of a pet.

The kit was launched this week by the Swiss branch of the animal protection organization Four Paws and the Swiss firefighters association Swissfire.

It is the first time a national approach has been taken to protecting house pets and is part of an international approach.

The campaign extends to neighbouring Germany and Austria.

There are an estimated 7.5 million pets in Switzerland, according to the news release.

Emergency services are regularly called on to save not just people but also pets – whether in the event of a fire or following road accidents.

The information on the card and sticker alerts rescuers to the fact that an animal is in the property or that someone involved in an accident has a pet at home.

The save-my-pet sets are available to order for 8.50 francs from Four Paws and Swissfire.