Home seeker in Basel offers Bentley GT as finder’s fee for house in online ad

Home seeker in Basel offers Bentley GT as finder's fee for house in online ad
Photo: Josi Németh-Parker.
A man seeking a family house for four is offering his luxury car to anyone who can find him the perfect home.

It's not everyday a Bentley Continental GT is offered free online but an advert on real estate site tutti.ch features exactly that. 

The advert offers the car as a fee to anyone who sources a family home in the Basel region for up to 4 million francs (€3.5 million).

“If it works out, I'm offering the Bentley as a finders fee,” reads the advert. The car is worth 304,000 francs (€265,000) new, says the person who identifies themselves as the owner in the advert. 

“The car is technically and optically in a top condition,” adds the online classified. It is a second-hand former company car, Josi Németh-Parker told The Local by email.

When asked why he was offering the car, the owner told The Local that real estate agent fees in Basel are a key factor. “The fees would undoubtedly be higher, that is precisely why I am offering the car,” said Németh-Parker. 

A five percent real estate fee on a house of four million Swiss francs would amount to 200,000 francs (€175,000), excluding VAT and additional costs. A Bentley GT Continental is worth between €28,000 and €57,000 second hand

Real estate fees in Switzerland are between three to five percent of the sale price of a property, with an additional seven percent VAT payable, according to Global Property Guide.

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