Trains between Geneva and Cointrin airport cancelled this Saturday

Passengers flying out of Geneva’s Cointrin airport should allow extra time to get there this weekend.

Trains between Geneva and Cointrin airport cancelled this Saturday
Photo: Nicholas Ratzenboeck/SBB
Due to maintenance works on the track, no trains will run between Geneva’s main rail station (Cornavin) and the airport from 4am on Saturday October 7th to 9am on Sunday October 8th, Swiss federal railways (SBB) said in a statement reported by 20 Minutes.
Customers are advised to take the number five bus from Cornavin rail station to the airport. 
There will also be a replacement bus service running between Nyon and the airport every 15 minutes.
Rail services will also be disrupted on the Geneva-Lausanne line from 11pm on Sunday night until Thursday, with several trains replaced by buses between Geneva and Nyon.
Passengers should allow an extra 20 minutes for their journey, said SBB. 


UPDATE: Cross-border train service between Switzerland and Italy to continue running

Despite an earlier announcement that Switzerland and Italy will halt rail services between the two countries, they are set to continue.

UPDATE: Cross-border train service between Switzerland and Italy to continue running

The two neighbouring countries said on Monday that all cross-border rail traffic would be suspended indefinitely because train personnel do not have capacity to carry out COVID-19 safety checks.

However, representatives of both nations agreed on Wednesday on the need to ensure the continuity of passenger transport between the two countries.

Following discussions between the Italian Minister of Transport Paola De Micheli and her Swiss counterpart, Swiss president Simonetta Sommaruga, who also heads Switzerland’s Transport Ministry, “it was decided that the EuroCity services would be maintained, but to a limited extent”, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) said. 

Concretely, from December 10th, 2020, two EuroCity trains will run on the Gotthard axis, and two on the Simplon axis.

From December 13th, when the new SBB timetable comes into effect, two pairs of EuroCity trains will run on the Gotthard axis and two pairs on the Simplon axis.

  • EC 313 dp. Zurich 07:10, arr. Milan 10:50 am
  • EC 316 dp Milan 11:10, arr. Zurich 2:50 p.m.
  • EC 34 dp Milan 13:05, arr. Geneva 5:21 p.m.
  • EC 37 dp Geneva 07:39, arr. Milan 11:40 am
  • EC 50 dp Milan 07:20, arr. Basel 11:32 am
  • EC 57 dp Basel 12:28, arr. Milan 4:40 p.m.

Checks will be carried out at the border posts in Chiasso and Domodossola by the staff of the Italian railways.

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Regional traffic

The situation related to regional TILO trains, which connect Ticino with the Italian region of Lombardy, and transport border workers between the two countries, will be more complicated.

The large number of stations along the line does not allow border checks to be carried out in the same way as on EuroCity trains. 

SBB said that from December 10th Italian regional trains will run to the Chiasso station, where passengers will be checked and then change trains and continue their journey on TILO trains.

In order to gradually restore links between Switzerland and Italy, SBB and TILO are awaiting confirmation from the Italian authorities of the adaptation of the decree which, following discussions between the parties, exempts the railways from the responsibility of border checks.