Swiss government proposes new measures against domestic violence

Victims of domestic violence and harassment in Switzerland should be better protected, said the Swiss government on Wednesday as it submitted a suite of new measures to parliament for consideration.

Swiss government proposes new measures against domestic violence
Photo: kmiragaya/Depositphotos
In 2016 more than 17,500 acts of domestic violence were recorded in Switzerland – including 52 cases of attempted murder – leading to the deaths of 18 women and one child, reported news agency ATS.
To combat this, the Swiss Federal Council is proposing the electronic surveillance of potential perpetrators.
At the moment a judge can order an injunction against a suspected violent spouse, but under the new measures it would also be possible to make him or her wear an electronic bracelet.
The bracelet would track the person’s movements, playing a preventative role and helping to prove an act of domestic violence should one occur. 
The new measures would also exempt victims of domestic violence and harassment from paying legal costs, and task courts with informing all the relevant social services of any criminal proceedings, helping to improve coordination between authorities.
In addition, more responsibility for instigating or suspending criminal proceedings would be shouldered by relevant authorities rather than victims.
Most cantons have already taken steps to prevent domestic violence and protect victims, said ATS, but the new federal measure should help reinforce collaboration and coordination, feels the government.