Heavy snow disrupts Swiss roads, rails and airports

Heavy snow disrupts Swiss roads, rails and airports
Photo: St Gallen police
Heavy snow fell across Switzerland on the weekend, causing accidents on the roads, and delays and cancellations to train services and flights.
Some 80 flights were cancelled at Zurich airport on Sunday morning, though the situation later stabilized as the snow turned to rain, reported Swiss media.
In the canton of Vaud, the train line between Aigle and Bex was shut on Sunday afternoon after a train got stuck between the two. 
Its 400 passengers had to wait five hours to be evacuated because accessing the train proved difficult for rescue services, a spokesman told news agency ATS.
Rail traffic partly restarted on Monday morning but only on one line, the other remaining blocked.
However due to frozen rails along the same line delays and cancellations remained a common theme when commuters went back to work on Monday. 
Several mountain roads in the Valais, which was particularly badly hit by snow, were closed on Monday after the heavy snowfall in the previous days presented an avalanche risk.
Snow chains were obligatory on others.
Heavy snow in Verbier in the Valais. Photo: Laura Mathew
Accidents were reported all over the country, with some 40 in the canton of St Gallen alone.
One 20-year-old driver in the canton had a lucky escape when his car skidded on a curve and nearly fell into the Linth canal. He and his passenger were unhurt, said police.
Conditions on the motorways were difficult. Photo: Matt Radmore
Strong foehn winds hit the country on Sunday, with gusts of up to 100km/hr even in alpine valleys and the Jura, said MeteoNews
According to MeteoSuisse the strong winds will continue through Monday, along with significant precipitation, with up to 80cms expected in the Alps. 
The situation will calm on Tuesday.