WWF’s ‘uncozy’ Christmas jumper goes down a storm

An alternative Christmas jumper designed by the Swiss branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has sold out already after only launching on Monday.

WWF’s 'uncozy' Christmas jumper goes down a storm
Photo: Dan Cermak/WWF
On first glance the jumper is a typically kitsch festive affair in red and white with motifs of snowflakes. But look a little closer and it’s actually a depiction of the consequences of climate change, showing tornadoes, rising sea levels and threatened polar bears. 
Named the ‘uncozy’ jumper, it’s billed by WWF as “the least comfortable jumper in the world” since it aims to raise awareness of some uncomfortable truths surrounding the effects of climate change.
However, since it’s made from organic merino wool, it’s not at all uncozy to wear, says the Gland-based organization. 
The jumper costs 195 francs, with all profits going directly to WWF projects aiming to fight against climate change. 
Despite only launching yesterday, the jumper is already sold out for delivery before Christmas. However fans can still order it for delivery in spring 2018.