One dead as storm sweeps Switzerland

A low-pressure front named Zubin swept across the northern half of Switzerland on Wednesday night bringing strong winds and leaving a trail of destruction.

One dead as storm sweeps Switzerland
Photo: phil_bird/Depositphotos

In Riehen, Basel-City, a woman was killed by a falling tree on Thursday morning, according to cantonal police.

In some exposed areas gales reached storm force, SRF Meteo reported, with alpine peaks recording gusts of 110 to 156 km/h.

In low-lying areas winds were gusting up to 100km/h.

The Luzerner Zeitung  reported that around 3,200 homes in the Wolhusen and Entlebuch region were without power as a result of the storm.

At Zurich airport there was disruption to around 20 flight take-offs.

20 Minuten reported a spokesperson for Swiss International Air Lines as saying that a number of flights were delayed because the strong winds meant de-icing machines could not be used.

The storm also brought disruption to some train and ferry services.

The Basel-Rheinfelden was partly closed in the early morning after an uprooted tree fell on the lines.

Storm warnings are in place at airports and harbours.

According to the weather news website, the storm reached its peak on Wednesday night.

After a lull during Thursday it is expected to gather strength again overnight with its effects being felt until Friday morning.

Zubin also brought fresh snow to northern and eastern Switzerland early on Thursday.

During the day snow is expected at an altitude of above 600 metres.

Meteorological service Meteoschweiz is forecasting up to 40 centimetres of fresh snow.


New storm to hit Switzerland on Thursday

The Swiss bureau of meteorology, MeteoSwiss, has issued a storm warning for Switzerland for Thursday. Activity is forecast to peak from noon until night.

New storm to hit Switzerland on Thursday
A file photo of a storm over Lake Geneva. Photo: FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP

The new front, which has formed in the British Isles, is set to arrive in Switzerland around lunchtime. The warning level has been set at 3 out of a possible 5 for the majority of the country, with only the Lake Geneva region given a lower rating (of 2 out of 5). 

Named ’Tomris’ in German, it is set to bring winds of up to 100km/h on the lowlands and of up to 120km/h in mountainous areas. 

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Rain and snow are also expected. 

While conditions are set to run for most of the day on Thursday, a clear front is predicted to move in and bring with it sunnier weather on Friday heading into the weekend. 

Several lowland areas have predicted temperatures of 14 degrees on Sunday. 

Warmest winter on record

Despite the storm fronts which have gripped the country for over a week, the winter has been mild from a temperature perspective. 

With averages 2.5 degrees higher than the previous high set in the winter of 2006-07, this winter is set to be the warmest ever recorded. 



Another record was broken in Zurich on Wednesday.

The mark of February 12th is the latest date in the season that the city has not seen snowfall. Zurich’s weather is not predicted to drop below zero in the coming week, meaning a new record will be set. 

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