Woman admits inventing bomb threat to cover up theft

Woman admits inventing bomb threat to cover up theft
Photo: dacasdo/Depositphotos
An employee of a shop in Pratteln in the canton of Basel-Land has admitted making up a bomb threat in order to cover up the fact she had stolen 100,000 francs.
The case dates to December 2015 when hundreds of people were evacuated from two shops in Pratteln after police received a phone call warning of a bomb about to explode in the building, reported 20 Minutes on Tuesday.
The call sparked a huge police operation, but no bomb was found. However the next day it was discovered that 100,000 francs had disappeared from the tills. 
On Monday the accused, a 37-year-old woman, admitted her actions in court, saying the bomb threat was a panicked reaction to discovering the security van was on its way to collect the shop’s takings.
She didn’t think about the consequences of her actions, she told the court.
She stole the money because she had financial problems due to a gambling addiction, 20 Minutes reported. 
The prosecution demands up to three years in prison and addiction therapy, while the shops affected by the evacuation are claiming thousands in compensation. 
The verdict is due later on Tuesday.