Over 4,000 a year get injured at Swiss gyms

Looking for an excuse to get out of going to the gym? Well now you have one: according to the Swiss office for the prevention of accidents (BFU), in Switzerland around 4,300 people a year injure themselves at gyms and fitness centres.

Over 4,000 a year get injured at Swiss gyms
Photo: lunamarina/Depositphotos
Overestimating ability, not using equipment correctly and not warming up properly are among the main reasons people get hurt, the BFU said in a press release
Ankles, shoulders, abdominal muscles and knees are particularly at risk if people don’t exercise correctly, it said. 
However, that’s no reason to avoid the gym altogether, according to the BFU. 
To encourage people to keep their New Year’s resolutions, the organization has released a new video in which professional footballer Dennis Hediger gives his top tips for exercising correctly.
According to Hediger, the captain of FC Thun, “exercise must be done correctly and with concentration. Each person should train for themselves and not to impress others. Between exercises you must have breaks to allow your body to recover. Muscles develop while you are resting and not while you are working out”.
People starting exercise should always warm up properly, seek advice from instructors, avoid using weights that are too heavy and abide by the gym’s safety instructions, advises the BFU.
Those aged over 35 who haven’t worked out for a long time should go to the doctor for a check-up before starting exercise, it adds.