WATCH: Swiss water police rescue drowning deer

Water police in the Swiss canton of Zug were called into action on Monday afternoon to rescue a deer in difficulties. An expat in the area caught the incident on camera.

WATCH: Swiss water police rescue drowning deer
The animal was returned to the forest. Photo: Zug police

Water and environmental police had just carried out a joint exercise on Lake Aegeri when a boy informed officers the animal was in trouble in the water, the force said in a statement.

Officers used the Bella patrol boat to track down the roe deer, locating it a long way from the safety of shore.

Kovaldas Balciauskas, an expat based in Oberägeri told The Local via email be had been playing tennis when the deer came charging through the village and slammed into the fence surrounding the tennis courts.

“We continued to play tennis and the deer remained in the creek for about 20–30 minutes before it ran out of the mouth of the creek and proceeded to swim away from shore,” he wrote.

When he and his friend Will Pendered saw the animal was struggling, they decided to jump in a row boat to see if they could help the animal. 

“If it began to struggle we would have intervened but it was unnecessary,” Balciauskas wrote, noting police vessels were already intervening. His video footage above shows the rescue in progress.

 Photo: Zug Police

The animal was returned to shore shortly afterwards.

“Wildlife officers returned the deer to the forest where it could recover from the shock,” police said in their statement.

“This was an unusual operation for water police and environmental protection officers which, to the delight of everyone involved, ended happily,” they said.


Runaway flamingo turns up in Bern’s historic old town

The Swiss capital received a surprise visitor on Monday night in the form of a flamingo.

Runaway flamingo turns up in Bern’s historic old town
File photo: Depositphotos

Trams and buses were forced to stop as the pink bird wandered around the city’s Casinoplatz square, according to eyewitnesses.

Police managed to divert the flamingo off tram tracks but then needed half an hour to catch the animal.

It later emerged the bird was an escapee from the city’s Dählhölzli animal park.

Dählhölzli director Bernd Schildger said he wasn’t sure why the flamingo had decided to go on an evening excursion into the city.

“The scientific literature indicates flamingos stay in a group,” he told regional daily Berner Zeitung. When several birds remain in the same location for a period of time, the other animals stick around too.

“We have around 40 years’ experience with flamingos and that’s what we have seen. Obviously, this flamingo has not read the literature,” the animal park director said.

Schildger added it was currently not possible to clip the wings of flamingos at the animal park as the animals were brooding and could not be disturbed.

He told Swiss news portal 20 Minuten that around 20 to 30 percent of the flamingos at the park had their wings clipped, and this was generally sufficient to deter other birds from flying away, even though they were perfectly capable of doing so.

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