Passengers ‘forgotten’ on tarmac at Geneva airport

Passengers 'forgotten' on tarmac at Geneva airport
A group of passengers landing in Geneva recently found themselves having to walk from the plane to the airport terminal unaccompanied after a shuttle bus failed to arrive.

The passengers arrived at the Swiss airport from London Gatwick close to midnight on June 3rd after their Easyjet flight was delayed for around an hour.

Most were taken from the plane to the terminal in a bus. However, a number of passengers found themselves stranded.

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“I had my 21-month-old baby in my arms so my family and I let the other passengers get off first,” one of the passengers told Swiss news portal 20 minutes of the incident.

The group of passengers walked to an airport building but found the doors shut. However, they finally managed to get the attention of a member of staff inside. Another bus was then called out.

“To think that a group of people could just stroll about on the tarmac without being bothered makes you scared about the level of safety and security,” said the mother of the baby.

Geneva airport authorities and Easyjet said they were aware of the incident.

The airline said the situation had been the result of a misunderstanding between ground staff and the flight crew. They said the passengers had only needed to wait ten minutes for the bus and they were never in danger.

For its part, the airport said its rules were about ensuring that passengers do not accidentally wander on to the runways. The passengers affected in this incident had not in fact “strolled” around the airfield and had remained in the permitted area at all times despite not being accompanied by ground staff.

The airport stressed runways were monitored at all times.

Such incidents were rare and there had never been any accidents, the airport said.

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