Swiss coach made covert videos of 80 primary school children in changing rooms

Swiss coach made covert videos of 80 primary school children in changing rooms
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The 21-year-old football coach secretly filmed children from at least five primary schools between November 2017 and December 2018 at a swimming pool in the canton of Lucerne.

The man, who has been arrested, used his mobile phone to film children in the changing rooms, the pool and the showers in public swimming pools in Horw and in Mooshüsli near the town of Emmen.

Children from five primary schools in the region have been identified in the videos, according to a report (DE) by regional daily Luzerner Zeitung. Simon Kopp, a spokesman for the Lucerne public prosecutor's office, reportedly confirmed the findings of the daily's investigation. 

The man was arrested after taking pictures in a pool in Emmen with his cell phone hidden. The device positioned by him was discovered by a pool user and handed over to the cashier at a public swimming pool in Emmen, in the district of Hochdorf in the canton of Lucerne. The 21-year-old suspect, a football coach, was arrested and later confessed to having made the videos, according to the public prosecutor's spokesman.

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The accused was removed from his position and banned from participating in any sport-related activity in the region. 

The public prosecutor has ruled out the possibility of any sexual assault. The authorities have also ascertained that the videos were not shared online, according to the daily. Because of the low resolution of the videos, the authorities are still trying to identify many of the children concerned. 

The parents of the affected children were informed this week, reports Berner Zeitung. According to that daily, the man had installed several hidden cameras in the changing rooms. The investigation is ongoing. 

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