Ten strange Swiss road signs you need to know about

Ten strange Swiss road signs you need to know about
No: this is not a sign indicating a military museum.
Switzerland is a unique country and has some one-of-a-kind road signs to match. Here we take a look at some of the more unusual examples.

1) Shooting noise: a particularly Swiss sign, this one. It indicates there are military exercises going on nearby and might help explain what all those booming noises are as you drive to the supermarket. Don’t be alarmed.

2) Sledding forbidden (because sometimes you have to spell these things out).

3) Yes, the sign below is actually about churches. At the approach to many Swiss towns, you will see a sign telling you the times of both Catholic and Protestant masses.

4) Cows on the road: a straightforward enough sign, but one you are more likely to see in Switzerland than in some other parts of the world.

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5) No: the yellow sign below is not for a military museum. It’s actually a dedicated sign for military vehicles. Switzerland is, after all, a country where you can see tanks with L plates on city streets. 

6) Dead end (with through access for bicycles and pedestrians). This is a really useful sign that recognizes it’s not just car drivers who use roads.

7) The sign below has nothing to do with concerts or band practice. Instead it indicates that the road is a part of a mountain bus route. Switzerland’s distinctive yellow post buses ply some pretty hair-raising routes and blow their horns on tight bends to let oncoming traffic know they are coming.

8) Minimum speed sign. While most speed limit signs indicated the maximum possible speed you can go, the sign below indicates a minimum possible speed.

9) Mountain pass conditions. Switzerland is crisscrossed by a network of mountain passes, many of which are closed for the duration of winter. This sign indicates the status of a number of passes. You can see that you can only use the Gotthard with chains while there is a risk of ice and snow on the Oberalp.

10) All motorized vehicles forbidden. This is a common sign in Switzerland and means that a road is closed to cars, motorbikes, fast ebikes and the sort of low-powered motor scooters Swiss teens like to get around on. You can, however, still use a regular push bike on this road, or a low-powered ebike.

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