What you need to know about the restart of train services in Switzerland

After a gradual resumption of services on April 27th, nearly all trains are starting operating again on June 8th.

What you need to know about the restart of train services in Switzerland
Swiss trains are resuming their nearly-regular schedule on June 8th. Photo by AFP

According to Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), daytime and evening traffic on national and regional lines is resuming on Monday

Only night trains and some peak-hour connections will probably not be restored until the end of summer.

The latest travel information can be found in the online timetable. 

The following connections and trains will be in service again from June 8th:

IC1 Geneva-Airport – Bern – Zurich – St-Gallen

The IC1 will again circulate as a direct Intercity on the east-west axis. Between Zurich and St. Gallen, three trains will run per hour, including a fast Intercity.

IC2 Zurich – Lugano

Resumption of the semi-hourly service at certain hours.

 IC3 Chur – Zurich – Basel

Restoration of the continuous semi-hourly service of the Zurich – Basel IC and, at certain times, of the semi-hourly service on the Zurich – Chur line.

IC4 Zurich – Schaffhausen

Reinstatement of the semi-hourly service of IC4 / RE trains Zurich – Schaffhausen.

IR16 Olten – Bern

Restoration of the direct connection Bern – Aarau – Brugg AG – Baden every hour.

IR36 Basel – Zurich Airport

Reinstatement of the direct Basel – Zurich Airport and Basel – Brugg AG – Zurich IR on a semi-hourly basis.

IR37 Zurich – St. Gallen
More frequent service on on Zurich – St. Gallen line

Other connections:

RE Olten – Lucerne
RE Olten – Wettingen
More trains during peak hours between Bern and Zurich, as well as between Basel and La Chaux-de-Fonds regions.

What about international connections?

While the following trains are circulating, keep in mind that borders are closed to tourism until June 15th.

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Before purchasing a ticket, make sure you will be allowed to enter the country you are travelling to. Requirements for entry include being a citizen or permanent resident of your destination country. 


Two trains are operating between Geneva and Paris, as well as one train between Basel SNCF and Paris.


International trains are also operating through Basel SBB and Schaffhausen between Switzerland and Germany, including ICE from Hamburg or Berlin to Basel SBB, Interlaken or Zurich

Chur, IC Zurich – Schaffhausen – Stuttgart, ICE between Cologne and Basel SBB.

EC trains on the Zurich – Munich line and the IC buses between Zurich and Munich.


The Railjet service to Vienna and the EC connection to Graz are in service. 

Connections with Italy are not yet resumed.

As the regular services are resuming, the SBB is reminding passengers to wear masks, especially on busy trains and when the two-metre safety distance cannot be respected. 

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Rail services to remain disrupted in Switzerland in the coming days

Snow and sub-zero temperatures over the weekend caused havoc on some train lines, mainly in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

Rail services to remain disrupted in Switzerland in the coming days
Snow has slowed down train traffic in Switzerland. Photo by AFP

Freezing temperatures cut off the power on some lines, disrupting train traffic in several regions.

Internationally, traffic between St. Margrethen in St.Gallen and Munich was interrupted due to heavy snowfall. EuroCity trains between Zurich and Munich were canceled.

Before it resumes normal service, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) must clear a thick layer of snow from trains and remove fallen trees from tracks, the company said on its website.

The train between Basel and Zurich airport will be canceled until Tuesday evening. 

But SBB says it will resume most of its traffic on the main lines on Monday, though at reduced frequency.

Shorter train formations and longer journeys should also be expected in the next few days.

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How can you know ahead of time about any last-minute cancellations or delays?

The timetable is also constantly updated on the SBB Mobile App. 

Any delays or last minute cancellations are indicated there in real time.

On Twitter, @RailService and @railinfo_cff provide information on possible disruptions as well.

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