Covid-19: Where are you most likely to catch the virus in Switzerland?

Covid-19: Where are you most likely to catch the virus in Switzerland?
Most infections happen within families. Photo by AFP
With about 5,000 contaminations throughout the country each day, Swiss health authorities have established a list of where the majority of infections occur.

The numbers are based on over 65,000 cases that the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) recorded between mid-July and December 9th.

However, the figures are purely indicative of a general trend of transmissions rather than an accurate representation of the situation.

This is especially true as the origin of infections couldn’t be established in nearly 30 percent of cases.

  • 29.6 percent: in the family
  • 16.7 percent: other contact
  • 11 percent: at work
  • 3.9 percent: during a private party
  • 2.8 percent: in a bar or restaurant
  • 2.1 percent: by health care staff
  • 1.8 percent: in a school, kindergarten or nursery
  • 1 percent: during a spontaneous gathering
  • 1 percent: in a discotheque or a club
  • 0.6 percent: during a public event

These findings are in line with previous reports that most coronavirus transmissions in Switzerland happened through contacts with infected family members rather than at clubs, discos, and other nightlife venues, as suspected earlier. 

“If the virus has reached a family, the probability is very high that the other family members will be infected,” FOPH spokesman Daniel Dauwalder said in an interview. 

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The question is how the coronavirus gets into households where it infects family members. But the “extrapolation of the known places of infection is statistically problematic,” Dauwalder said.

Swiss data somewhat correlates with recent findings in France, where researchers reported that socialising increases the risk of catching Covid-19. 

However, unlike the French study, which also showed that eating out is an important factor in the spread of coronavirus, in Switzerland less than 3 percent reported being infected in bars and restaurants.

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