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How much do freelancers earn in Switzerland?

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The Local - [email protected] • 4 Mar, 2021 Updated Thu 4 Mar 2021 17:14 CEST
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Should you become a freelancer in Switzerland? Photo by Ewan Robertson on Unsplash

Freelancing in Switzerland or thinking about it? Here’s how much you’d be likely to earn.

Switzerland is famously expensive, but wages are high by international comparison. 

From doctors to teachers, workers in Switzerland can expect a much higher wage than most countries. 

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But does the same apply to freelancers? 

Why would someone work freelance in Switzerland? 

The benefits of being a freelancer in Switzerland are the same as anywhere else - as are the disadvantages. 

You can set your own hours and pursue tasks you really want to pursue - rather than those foisted upon you by your boss. 

There are also greater risks however, as freelancers have less of a safety net than employees. 

Do you want to stop walking through this door? Then you could go freelance. Photo by Olivier Collet on Unsplash

Freelancing may entail greater risk than working as an employee, but there is also the possibility of greater reward. 

Unlike in some other countries, freelancers are not treated differently for tax purposes - meaning that anyone seriously considering going freelance would not have to worry about extra administrative headaches and a glut of paperwork. 

How common is freelancing in Switzerland? 

According to consultancy firm Deloitte, approximately 25 percent of people in Switzerland work as a freelancer. 

This figure includes all forms of self-employment, from freelance journalists to buskers and one-man burrito stand owners. 

How much do freelancers earn in Switzerland? 

Of course, how much you earn depends on the industry you are in, your experience and a raft of other factors. 

However, the average salary of self-employed people in Switzerland is CHF80,000 (before tax), according to Swiss jobs site Job Cloud

Salaries range between 49,000 francs per year (considered ‘low income’) and a high of 170,833 francs per year (high income). 

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Which freelance jobs have the highest average salary? 

Freelancers in the legal or business advice area earn the highest, with an average of around 250,000 francs, followed by consultants (150,000 francs), luxury goods (147,500 francs) and public administration (122,756 francs). 

Transport, catering and the service sector all rank among the lowest, with salaries in the CHF50-55,000 range. 

Who earns more: employees or freelancers in Switzerland? 

Much like the above question, it will depend on so many different factors that it is almost impossible to tell. 

Job Cloud do not provide an average wage across all of Switzerland for employees. Instead, this is broken down on the basis of industry type. 

According to Swiss recruitment agency Mundialz, the average wage for employees in Switzerland is 78,000 before tax, which is roughly the same figure as that of a freelancer. 

While it does of course depend on your industry, the similarity in wage may serve as an incentive - or a disincentive - for anyone considering making the switch to become a freelancer in Switzerland. 



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