Are you being underpaid in Switzerland? Here’s how to find out

Are you being underpaid in Switzerland? Here’s how to find out
A waiter serves coffee. Are you being paid too little in Switzerland? Photo: John MACDOUGALL / AFP
This tool shows you how much you should be earning in a wide variety of industries in Switzerland.

Swiss salaries are known to be among the most competitive in the world. 

This however does not prevent people from being underpaid. 

Swiss salaries: How much do people earn in Switzerland?

wage calculator created by the Swiss Federation of Trade Unions (SGB) allows employees to check within seconds whether their salaries are high enough.

The SGB programmed the calculator with the latest salary levels from 72 different industry sectors and 36,000 companies.

Ultimately, the tool takes into account the wages of more than two million employees. 

In June 2021, the SGB updated the calculator with new information and improved its usability. 

The underlying data comes from Switzerland’s Federal Statistical Office. 

By inputting information such as the number of years spent working in a given position, the online calculator computes customary local wages for the job in question.

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The calculator is available at the following link in French, German and Italian. 

In addition to knowing how your actually salary compares to the average, the tool is also useful in wage negotiations with your employer. 

Tool provides minimum wage info 

The tool also provides indications as to the minimum wage in different industry sectors. 

As The Local Switzerland has reported recently, Switzerland does not have a minimum wage at a federal level, although some cantons have put in place a minimum. 

That does not however mean that your employer is free to pay you as much – or as little – as he or she wants. Instead, the minimum amount you can be paid will be determined through negotiations with your employer which will may feature a trade union representative. 

Whether this be an hourly amount or one which is set for full or part-time hours, setting a minimum standard in specific industries is a common way to ensure workers aren’t underpaid or unpaid. 

More information about the minimum wage in Switzerland can be found at the following link.

Minimum wage in Switzerland: What you need to know

Jobs in Switzerland

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