Have your say: What’s the best way to find a job in Zurich

The Swiss city of Zurich. Photo by Tobias A. Müller on Unsplash
Do you live in Zurich or do you work there? Let us know your tips on finding work. Photo by Tobias A. Müller on Unsplash
Finding a job as a foreign resident in Zurich is not easy but our readers will be grateful for any advice you can share.

Zurich has one of Europe’s best job markets, with high wages and a wide variety of options. 

Finding that job however can be challenging, particularly for people from abroad, for a variety of reasons.

For instance, how important is speaking German – or another Swiss language – in finding a job in Zurich? 

Should you be based in Zurich before looking and do you really need to go through a recruitment agency? 

Please let us know anything you think is relevant about finding a job in Zurich. Your comments may be used in a follow up article to help our readers on their job hunt in Zurich. 

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