Almost 700 flights cancelled: Which routes are Swiss airlines cutting?

Due to staffing issues and a range of associated factors, Swiss will cut further flights from its offerings this summer. Here’s what’s set to be cut.

Swiss airline has grounded a number of its flights. Photo: Pixabay
Swiss airline has grounded a number of its flights. Photo: Pixabay

The legacy of the Covid pandemic and spikes in fuel costs have put significant pressure on airlines the world over. 

Swiss, Switzerland’s flagship carrier, SWISS already said on June 8th that it is cancelling a number of flights from both Zurich in Geneva during the busy summer travel season, including those to London Heathrow and San Francisco.

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On Sunday, Switzerland’s national airline announced that on top of the flights already suspended, “further cuts unfortunately cannot be avoided due to resource constraints and operational challenges across the airline industry”.

Which lines are set to be cut? 

On Tuesday, the airline announced it would be suspending 674 more flights between August and October, without specifying at this time which routes will be affected.

That figure is from a total of 31,414 flights, which means just above two percent of the total flights will be cut. 

Swiss news outlet Blick reported later on Tuesday that a mix of short and long-haul flights would be cut. 

This includes flights from Zurich to Berlin, Vienna, Birmingham and Luxembourg within Europe. 

Outside of Europe, flights to Dubai and Johannesburg have been cut. 

Further flights to the United States have also been canceled, although Swiss air has not yet revealed which destinations will be impacted. 

‘Operational limit’

Swiss air said a variety of factors had conspired to push the company to its operational limit. 

“The complex aviation system in Europe and worldwide is currently at the operational limit. In view of the ever-tightening framework conditions and in order to fulfil our responsibility towards our passengers in a forward-looking manner, we will make this contribution to relieving the load on the entire system.”

“We very much regret the further flight plan adjustments that have become necessary and expressly apologize to the passengers affected and our partners for the inconvenience caused as a result.” 

Parent airline Lufthansa has also cut around 2,200 flights for similar reasons. 

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Five European cities you can reach from Zurich in less than five hours by train

As summer is still in full swing and there are many vacation days (or free weekends) to enjoy the sunny weather, it’s not the wrong time to do some travelling. Switzerland is a beautiful country, but it’s also centrally located in Europe. This means that many major European cities are reachable in just a few hours.

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Fares depend on several factors, such as time of the day and day of the week when you travel.

While a rock-bottom cheap fare may be available one day in the morning, it won’t necessarily be offered the next day (or week) in the afternoon, or vice-versa.

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