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EXPLAINED: How fuel prices differ throughout Switzerland

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EXPLAINED: How fuel prices differ throughout Switzerland
Keep checking to find the cheapest petrol station in your area. Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Petrol and diesel prices vary across Switzerland, with some regions being cheaper than others. There are several reasons for this price disparity.


There are significant differences in the price of fuel throughout the country, according to Touring Club Suisse (TCS) motoring organisation. The differences can range by up to 48 cents per litre for unleaded 95, and 47 cents for diesel.

The cost of petrol is not determined solely by the station's proximity to major urban centres; other factors are at play. as well

"The price at the pump is influenced by several criteria such as the location of the station (city or countryside, motorway, border area, isolated regions), the rent of the land where it is located, the salary level in the region in question, and the costs to transport the fuel to this station,” TCS said.

In November, the organisation launched an online petrol price radar, the first of this kind in Switzerland.

The information is provided by drivers, who can enter it directly online. The prices may not be constantly updated for certain rarely used service stations in rural areas, “but in regions with high population density, we will be able to update  prices very quickly,” according to TCS director Jürg Wittwer. 


The TCS comparator lists more than 3,000 service stations, which represents a coverage rate of 90 percent, the association said.

Right now, the standard prices are 1.79 francs per litre for unleaded 95, 1.91 / litre for premium 98, and 2.08 francs / litre for diesel, according to TCS.

However, the radar shows the lowest current price for 95 unleaded, 1.35 francs per litre, at Shell, Interzegg Ag.Clis Center, 7563 Samnaun Dorf in Graubünden.

The second-cheapest fuel of this grade, 1.60 francs per litre, can be found at Auto Felder, Unterdorf 12, 6170 Schüpfheim, canton Lucerne, followed by 1.61 francs / litre  at Ruedi Rüssel Tankstelle, St.Jakobs-Strasse 16, 4132 Muttenz near Basel.

Next (1.63 francs per litre) can be found BP Tankstelle, Hauptstrasse 253, 5314 Kleindöttingen, Aargau, and 1.63 francs /litre at Avia Spar express, Mittelstrasee 3, 4900 Langenthal, Bern.


Where does it cost the most to fuel up?

The most expensive fuel at this moment, 1.87 francs for a litre of unleaded is at Eni, Rte De France, 1264 St-Cergue, canton of Vaud.

Also, the canton of Jura has a number of stations near Porrentruy where 95 unleaded sells for 1.81 francs per litre.

Keep in mind, however, that these are real-time prices, which can change upwards or downwards by the time your are ready to fuel up.

Therefore, it is best to keep checking the updates on the TCS radar to know where cheapest prices are in your area in real time.

If you are thinking of making a detour to a station with lower prices, consider whether the additional distance is making sense.

A detour to benefit from cheaper fuel at the pump is not always profitable, TCS pointed out: a lower price of 5 cents per litre is only worth it for a detour of about 5 km (each way) and for a refuelling of at least 50 litres. 
Is it still cheaper to fuel up your car in neighbouring countries?

When the price of petrol exceeded 2 francs per litre in Switzerland, it made sense to fill up on gas across the border, especially when the franc gained strength against the euro in August. 

It may still be worthwhile, depending on the country.

This TCS chart indicates per-litre prices in all European countries, which may help you decide were to buy petrol. 

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Here are some tips on saving fuel in Switzerland:

Autoclub memberships often offer discounts on petrol. ACS members and TCS members can save between two and five cents per litre. 

Larger petrol retailers will also often have discount deals, while Swiss supermarkets also offer deals with particular gas station chains. 

Prices are usually the highest on (or close to) motorways, in or near large cities, and at branded chain stations. You can find better deals at smaller, independent stations away from main roads.

However, you should avoid going too far out of your way to save on fuel.  

"A one-cent difference on the price of the litre justifies a detour of  two to three kilometres, at most. Otherwise, the excess consumption drowns the economy on a 50-litre tank”, said TCS’s Erich Schwizer previously.

One useful website listing cheaper petrol options throughout Switzerland is



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