French terror suspect deported from Switzerland

French terror suspect deported from Switzerland
A Frenchwoman suspected of being a threat to Switzerland’s security was arrested and deported from the country in March, police have said.
Speaking to news agencies on Friday, Cathy Maret, a spokeswoman for Swiss federal police (Fedpol), confirmed that the Frenchwoman was also banned from re-entering Switzerland.
“This measure was imposed in the context of jihadist terrorism,” she said. 
The woman was arrested in the canton of Vaud in March. 
The French authorities were informed of the deportation, said Maret. 
No further details were given as to the woman’s alleged connection to terrorism.
The woman's arrest was not thought to be connected to the arrest of four other people in recent months — one in Geneva and three in Vaud
Switzerland so far hasn’t experienced the sort of terror attack that has occurred across Europe, most recently in Manchester and London in the UK. 
But in May the country’s defence minister spoke of an elevated threat, saying “the question isn’t if an attack will take place in Switzerland, but when”.
The country’s precautions include tightened security at festivals and large events including this week’s Festival de la Cité in the Vaud town of Lausanne where concrete blocks have been erected across the Bessières bridge to prevent the sort of truck attack that devastated the Bastille Day celebrations in Nice last year. 
Speaking to the press, Lausanne’s security director said the presence of the blocks wasn’t a reflection of a heightened threat to the city but about public reassurance.