Jura village ‘looks like Venice’ after river burst its banks

Jura village ‘looks like Venice’ after river burst its banks
Floods in St Ursanne. Photo: Nicolas Paupe
The town of St Ursanne in the Jura is battling flood water for the second time this month after the river Doubs burst its banks on Monday night.
The fire service and civil protection officers are working hard to pump water out of dozens of flooded cellars in the medieval city after residents woke up on Tuesday morning to find the river had invaded the town, reported Swiss media
The Doubs first burst its banks following storm Eleanor in January earlier in the month. 
Residents were once again knee-deep in flood water this week after heavy rain battered the area as part of the same weather front that brought heavy snow to the south of the country
“Today St Ursanne looks like Venice. We’re just lacking the gondoliers,” one resident told 20 Minutes on Tuesday. 
“Cellars, basements and ground floors are swimming in river water. To go out of the house you have to use a boat or an inflatable raft.”
Several roads are closed and a landslide occurred outside the village. 
The electricity supply was cut off for a time, and residents were asked to boil water to drink.
According to local radio, no one has been injured.