Everything that changes in Switzerland in June 2021

Everything that changes in Switzerland in June 2021
Swiss will vote on several issues on June 13th. Photo by Fabrice COFFRINI / AFP
Fewer restrictions and more vaccinations are in store in Switzerland in the month of June in 2021.

 Far fewer restrictions in June

The month will begin with many Covid-19 measures relaxed or lifted altogether. Among them are the re-opening of indoor areas of restaurants, increasing the number of people allowed for private gatherings indoors to 30 and outdoors to 50. For events with spectators and audiences, 100 people instead of 50 will be permitted indoors, and 300 instead of 100 outdoors.

Home working obligation will be lifted for companies that perform regular testing, and no contact or travel quarantine will be required for those fully vaccinated or recovered from Covid for six months.

Restaurants will be open in June. STEFAN WERMUTH / AFP

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Swiss will vote (again) on June 13th

The five issues that are at stake include the controversial Anti-Covid Law, which would give the government a legal basis to impose restrictions aimed at tackling the pandemic on an ongoing basis.

The CO2 Act seeks to introduce several taxes and measures to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

The Anti-Terrorism legislation would strengthen previous standards against terrorism and organised crime, punishing recruitment, training and travel with an intent to commit a terrorist act.

The Clean Drinking Water Initiative “requires that agricultural subsidies be allocated only to agricultural practices that do not harm the environment and do not pollute drinking water”.

They refer specifically to pesticides, antibiotics, and imports of fodder and fertilizers used in farming.

The initiative “For a Switzerland free of synthetic pesticides” calls for the ban on these products in agriculture, in the public sphere, and would also apply to imports of products from abroad.

Summer begins (hopefully)

June 21st marks the beginning of summer in Switzerland and the entire Northern Hemisphere.

Given the lack of real spring throughout much of April and May, which were dominated mainly by low temperatures, a lot of rain, and snow at low altitudes, we can only hope summer will bring sunshine and warmth.

Immunity card

Swiss authorities have promised to put in place a coronavirus immunity passport – which entitles vaccinated people to various privileges – by the end of June when the first measures related to its use will come into force.

On a domestic level, benefits will include attending events, playing sport and visiting restaurants, while at an international level it will include travel. 

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Accelerated vaccinations

In its three-phase strategy that the Swiss government has set up for gradual easing of the remaining coronavirus measures, the entire adult population will have access to the vaccines, and everyone who wants to be vaccinated will have received at least the first dose by the end of June, authorities said.

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