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What if you don't cancel your Swiss health insurance by November 30th?

Helena Bachmann
Helena Bachmann - [email protected]
What if you don't cancel your Swiss health insurance by November 30th?
You must keep your Swiss health insurance current and in good standing. Photo: Pixabay

Thursday November 30th is the absolute last day to let your current Swiss health insurance company know if you want to cancel your compulsory KVG / LaMal policy and switch to another provider. But what happens if you miss the deadline?


Your provider has sent you the new (higher) health insurance rates for 2024 in October, so you’ve had more than a month to find a new carrier, or a cheaper policy, and notify your current insurer accordingly well ahead of the November 30th deadline.

(Or, if you want to remain with the same company but modify your current policy, that has to be done by the same date as well.)

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But what if you neglected to do so and now are having an ‘oops’ moment?

You have two options available to you.

One: hurry up

Assuming you already chose another provider and took out a policy there, but simply forgot to notify your current one of the switch, you can still make the deadline if you hurry.


This is what you should do, asap:

  • Use this template (in German, French, or Italian, depending on the canton where you live) to terminate your contract, and send it by registered mail to the insurance company. You should be ok, as long as the letter is stamped between now and November 29th at the latest.
  • Include the copy of your new policy. Your current carrier can’t cancel your existing insurance unless you provide proof that you have another one in its place. That’s because the KVG / LaMal insurance is compulsory for nearly everyone living in Switzerland (see below) for more than three months.


Two: You didn’t get new insurance

If you meant to switch to a cheaper insurance, but forgot to do so, it is too late to do so now.

You are stuck with the same policy for another year, though rules are more flexible for supplemental policies (with the rules determined by your company).

What if you forgot to switch in time, but your current policy is too expensive?

Put it down to bad luck.

You have no choice but to stick with your current plan for another year.

Under no circumstances should you cancel one policy without purchasing another.

If you do so, you will be breaking the law, which clearly states that all residents, aside from those exempted, must have basic health insurance. 

Exemptions apply only to cross-border worker with healthcare policy in a EU or EFTA state; foreign students with comparable insurance from their country, employees of international organisations, and diplomats.

If you are not part of these groups, you must have Swiss insurance. If you do not, don’t expect to stay under the radar because you never get ill or go to a doctor. Sooner or later (probably sooner, given the Swiss organisational skills), your non-compliance will be discovered.

Authorities will then purchase a policy for you and send you the bill. The disadvantage of this ‘forced’ policy is that you will forego the choice of cheaper companies and plans.

And if still choose to be a rebel and not pay your premiums on time, expect the arrears, along with hefty fines and even debt proceedings, to catch up with you.

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