UPDATE: Swiss government rules antigen tests invalid for Covid health pass

UPDATE: Swiss government rules antigen tests invalid for Covid health pass
Not all Covid tests are created equal. JUAN MABROMATA / AFP
Switzerland is releasing its much-awaited certificate throughout June, but some people may not be eligible to get one.

The Covid certificate, which will allow certain privileges to its holder, is intended for everyone who has been fully vaccinated or recovered from coronavirus (the so-called “recovery certificate”).

In other words, it covers all those who have developed immunity to the disease.

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But the certificate will only be issued to those whose infection was confirmed by a PCR test, while people who used an antigen or self-test to detect the virus will be excluded.

“If your COVID-19 infection was solely confirmed by a rapid antigen test, it is not possible to issue a COVID certificate under the EU regulations”, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) says on its website.

Some countries only accept PCR tests, deeming them more accurate than antigen ones.

This regulation affects an estimated 70,000 residents of Switzerland who tested positive using an antigen test.

When asked by The Local to verify this information, FOPH spokesperson Nani Moras confirmed that people whose contamination “was detected by an antigen test cannot obtain a certificate due to the lack of a PCR test”.

What should you do if you need a recovery certificate but didn’t use a PCR test for detection?

You can be re-tested with PCR, or vaccinated, Moras said.

Until now, people who had Covid and became immune to the disease have been advised not to get shots until at least three months after their recovery.

However, Moras pointed out that recovered people “can be vaccinated as early as four weeks after infection, according recommendations of the Federal Vaccination Commission”.

Your best bet is to seek advice from your doctor. or local health authority.

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